Integrate AD-ID into Your Media Production System

RADCO provides range of options for using AD-ID. We can build a needs-specific interface with AD-ID that can perform and manage your entire workflow with no license fees and no upstream “updates”. We can integrate your existing Production or Media Management System with AD-ID. We have already done it for one of America’s largest and most successful national retailers.

Use Your Existing Production Management System

By integrating AD-ID you can continue to use your familiar and stable existing system:

AD-ID Covers Much of the Marketing and Communication Industry

Let RADCO Integrate AD-ID into your well-working system

RADCO is one of very few, if not only, company in the country that has successfully integrated AD-ID into an existing ISCI code production management system. The first integration was for a major U.S. retailer. RADCO works directly with AD-ID and AD-ID code to ensure compliant data exchange. Let us bring you into the new world of production and media.


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